How We Work

Your Fiduciary Partner

As fiduciaries, our obligation is to you, not to a brokerage or platform dependent on commissions, or trading activity in your account.

It’s in our best interest for your investments to perform well, because we earn our income based on the success of the portfolio we manage for you. Simply: when you succeed, we succeed.

Our Approach

Dumont & Blake strives to establish and always maintain long-lasting relationships with you and, as appropriate, significant others such as family members and advisors whose interests are affected by yours.

When we first meet, and in successive meetings over time, we learn the different ways money is important to you. We structure and apply investment strategies that are well-suited for your individual circumstances.

Investment Models

Dumont & Blake will manage your portfolio with one or more of the following portfolio investment strategies, based on your financial needs, goals, and concerns.

Core Investment Portfolio Model
The Dumont & Blake Core Investment Model is a multi-discipline equity strategy that invests in common stocks and ADRs. [more…]

ETF Portfolio Model
The Dumont & Blake ETF Model uses exchange traded funds (ETF)s that are passive in nature, to build a diversified portfolio. [more…]

Options Portfolio Model
The Dumont & Blake Option Model is designed to complement a core equity strategy using put and call options on individual stocks and ETFs. [more…]

Dividend Portfolio Model
The Dumont & Blake Dividend Portfolio is an all-cap equity strategy that invests in common stocks and ADRs. [more…]

Please visit us to discuss your needs and wishes in a confidential, no-obligation conversation. We welcome your contact here or by calling 609-514-1899.