About Us

At Dumont & Blake, we use our experience and expertise to help you succeed in achieving and maintaining your desired lifestyle.

About Dumont & Blake:

Understanding the different ways money is important to you

Money has different meanings to everyone, and those meanings change during various life stages. When you are building the value of your investments for retirement, the focus is on savings and portfolio growth. This is often referred to as the Accumulation Phase.

The Distribution Phase is the time, usually later in life, when your investments are supporting you. The focus shifts to generating income from your portfolio.

Some stages or events, such as education and retirement needs, can be anticipated, while others can’t be predicted. Almost all may affect your finances in some way; our job is to ensure that you are prepared for all of life’s challenges.

We earn and value your confidence and trust

At Dumont & Blake, we strive to establish trust and preserve long-lasting relationships. As a member of our family of clients, you will have direct access to the principals of our firm. We look forward to partnering with you to structure and guide your financial success.