At Dumont & Blake, we use our experience and expertise to
help you succeed in achieving and maintaining your desired lifestyle.

About Dumont & Blake:

  • Independent Registered Investment Advisors
  • Over $425 million in assets under management
  • Management team has an average of 35 years in the portfolio management and advisory business
  • Client portfolios are structured using stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Clients have direct access to the management team and decision makers
  • Our compensation is fee-based, not commission-based
  • We build long-lasting relationships with our clients

Understanding the different ways money is important to you

Money has different meanings to everyone, and those meanings change during various life stages. Some stages or events are predictable; others can’t be anticipated. Almost all may affect your finances in some way. For example, when a person leaves the work force they go from an accumulation phase to a distribution approach.

  • The Accumulation Phase is a crucial time when you are building the value of your investments for retirement. During this time the focus is on savings and portfolio growth.
  • The Distribution Phase is the time, usually later in life, when your investments are supporting you. During this time the focus is on generating income from your portfolio. The primary concern during this phase is the fear of running out of money.

We earn and value your confidence and trust

At Dumont & Blake, we strive to establish trust and preserve long-lasting relationships. As a member of our family of clients, you will have direct access to the principals of our firm. We look forward to partnering with you to structure and guide your financial success.

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