Tactical Allocation Strategy

The tactical allocation strategy is strategic asset allocation utilizing a core and satellite approach.  This means that we use passively-managed index and exchange-traded funds as the core investments, and then add actively-managed funds where there are greater opportunities to make a difference.  Portfolios are globally diversified to control the risk associated with traditional markets.

The investment strategy for a specific client is based upon the objectives stated by the client during consultations.  The client may change these objectives at any time.

Other strategies may include long-term purchases, short-term purchases, trading, short sales, margin transactions, and option writing (including covered options, uncovered options or spreading strategies).

Portfolios are invested in mutual funds, individual securities or both, as is deemed suitable to attain each client’s investment objective in light of the applicable client needs and circumstances. No set holding period is established in advance. Rather, holding periods vary with changing circumstances and Registrant’s perception of the economy, the markets and the investment outlook, all as continuously appraised under an integrated strategic overview.


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